The ultimate honey for facial care

BOTANISTS' Mānuka honey MGO829+ is the essential ally of your clean and holistic beauty. It helps regenerate the skin, repairs the epidermis in depth, calms inflammation and helps heal wounds.

Proven by science, its exceptional properties makes BOTANISTS' Mānuka honey MGO829+ an essential part of your routine, used as a repairing and cleansing mask or applied topically to a skin lesion or an acne pimple. Suitable for all skin types, its smooth and creamy texture is ideal for application as a mask, alone or mixed with other natural active ingredients.

A delicious honey for your daily well-being

BOTANISTS' MGO250+ Mānuka honey is the ultimate superfood that helps you boost your immune system mixed with your hot drinks, matcha, bowl...or simply enjoyed straight from the jar!

"With BOTANISTS' we advocate a return to basics and simplicity. We defend a philosophy of well-being based on the benefits of nature, long time and a holistic approach."

How to use BOTANISTS' Mānuka honey?

Find out advice and tutorials from Marie Coirault Facialist, specialist in facial care and holistic beauty.

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